How Can I Overcome Childhood Trauma?

I am fat. That's what Jennifer said to me on that phone call that day when we had our phone consultation. She explained to me that yes, she was overweight. She sometimes had problems with the amounts of food that she ate or with snacking on sugary treats and such.

But it was bigger than that. It was about this voice in her head. She could recall it going all the way back to childhood. She remembered her beautiful, skinny mother looking in the mirror at her reflection saying, “I am fat” (in a not nice way).

Jennifer had adopted this behavior virtually her whole adult life, and that led her to one yo-yo diet plan after another. And you see, it wasn't just about what she was eating, it wasn't just about her shape and size, it was about this voice in her head. You know, the thing that was holding her back from becoming the best version of her.

Through our sessions together, she learned how to take care of herself first. She explained that as a mother, she had forgotten to take care of herself. She put everybody else first, and there wasn't a lot to give to others some days because she was exhausted. She was overwhelmed at times.

This voice just kept taking her further and further down. And so she'd get on a diet plan and she'd do well for a while, and then she'd fail. And then she'd try another one and she'd fail. When we had her phone consultation, she recognized…she realized that this voice was really the root of her problems.

Not only could I help her change her eating habits, I could help her out with that stuffed feeling from overeating, but I could help her with a voice in her head. We could change it together.

We could change it to be a more positive, more empowering voice. What's the voice saying in your head? We all have that internal voice. Sometimes it just says, you can't do that. You're not good enough. “I am fat.”

We do have the power to change that voice, to change the voice to something more positive. More empowering. A voice that says, “I can” and “my health is important to me”, and “every day I'm doing better and better.”

So click the link below and let's have a conversation. First, you'll register for a webinar. You'll watch that webinar so that you can understand how the program works, have most of your questions answered (and probably have some questions answered that you hadn’t thought to ask yet), and then we can schedule a phone consultation. We can have a conversation about that voice that's going on in your head and how we can change it to a more positive, empowering one so that we can…Unlock, Shift, and Empower.

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